Where are your locations?

Visit our Contact page for locations and maps.


What are your open hours?

Visit our Contact page for hours and locations. Because we operate outdoors, our hours are weather-dependent. We often stay open during light rain, but are forced to close for high winds and thundershowers. Feel free to email us at info@thehennahut.ca to confirm if we are open.


How much do temporary tattoos cost?

We have signs with hundreds of designs, ranging from $3-$35+. You can also book a private appointment and we'll come to you! Visit our Event Services page for rates and details. 


What is Henna?

Henna, or mehndi, is a natural dye that darkens skin to a deep tan-brown for up to a month. Visit our Mehndi page for more info.


What is in your henna paste?

Our henna is made fresh in our studio with simple ingredients: organic henna powder, lemon juice, sugar, and cajeput oil.


Do you have black henna?

No, we only offer all-natural henna, which gently darkens skin to a deep tan-brown color. Black henna, often found in Mexico and Thailand, is a mixture containing harsh chemicals that often cause severe reactions, so we DO NOT use those products. We do offer a safe alternitive: our DarkMark tattoos are black and look like the real thing! For more information, visit our Body Art page. 


Do you have white henna?

Yes, but let us clarify. White henna is a new trend of creating white colored temporary tattoos in traditional mehndi designs. White henna is not really henna; it is body adhesive topped with white glitter powder. Glitter Tattoos last 3-7 days and are insta-dry and waterproof, making them fun and mess-free. You can also get these tattoos in gold, blue, pink, and more! For more information, visit our Body Art page. 


Do you do custom tattoos?

Yes! Our artists are extremely talented and can create any tattoo upon request. Feel free to bring a picture to one of our locations and an artist will give you a quote, depending on size and intricacy of the design.